What is a recommended environment?

Use Chrome20 or later, or Firefox 16 or later.


Are there any costs?

Use of the web page is free.

Log In

Why can't I log in?

Check your login name and password. Password characters are case-sensitive.

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Why can't I receive the registration email?

Disable the spam filter and try again.

Log In

I forgot the registered email address. What shall I do?

Log in and check your registered email address in "Account Settings" under "Settings".


I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click "Forgot password? " on the Log In screen and enter your email address.


How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the "Password" input screen, which can be opened by selecting "Settings"→"Password" .


How do I change the registered email address?

You can change your email address in the "Edit" screen, which can be opened by selecting "Settings"→Account Settings →Edit.


Can I check my registered profile?

You can check your registered profile in the "Profile Settings" screen by selecting "Settings"→ Profile Settings.


Why can't I upload profile photos?

The only files that cannot be uploaded are jpeg files. Excessively large files cannot be uploaded. The maximum size of a photo file is shown in "Profile Picture" in Account Settings, which can be opened by selecting Settings →Account Settings.


How do I change the language settings?

The language displayed on the website depends on the "Language Settings" of the web browser you are using. To find the browser's language settings, please check your web browser homepage or help.


I can't find my model in the settings for My Car. What should I do?

On the My Car settings page, select "etc. (manual)" found at the bottom of the selection lists for the Manufacturer Name and Model Name. This opens a text box where you can manually enter you car model.


How do I customise the designs to what I would like?

Only the background wallpaper can be changed by selecting "Settings"→Design Change.

Trip Planner

How do I create a Route with TripPlanner?

Clicking "Make a New Trip Plan" on "TripPlanner" enters the point input mode. In this mode, enter your "Departure Point" and "Destination Point" in the respective entry fields and click "Search". Clicking on "Departure Point" or "Destination Point" displays "A" and "B" for each point on the map. These can also be selected by moving and selecting those points on the map. In addition, if "Current Location Icon" appears in the entry field for "Departure Point" or "Destination Point", the point A and B icons can be displayed on your estimated current location. Clicking the "Search" button displays the route. Clicking the "Save" button in the bottom-right will save the route.


How do I post photos on a route?

 There are two ways to display photos on a route. You can upload photos beforehand, or while and after you create an album.  If you would like to upload photos beforehand, first, click "My Page" in the menu located at the top of the screen and go to [My Page]. On [My Page], there is a "Photo" frame. Click "Edit" on the frame. The screen will switch to the [My Photo Edit] page. Click "Import File" and select the photo you would like to upload in the window displayed. If you would like to upload a photo while creating an album, click the "Edit" button located in the top-left corner of the "Preview" screen after selecting a GPX file. The screen will switch to Edit mode after you click on the Edit button. After clicking on "Edit", select "Import Photo" in the "Album Edit Menu" on the left of the screen. If you would like to add photos after creating an album, select the album to which you would like to add the photo in the "Album List" and open it in the map screen. After it is opened, click on "Edit" in the menu on the left of the screen. The following steps are the same as adding photos while creating an album. Caution) Depending on the browser, multiple photos can be selected at once. However, if the total size of the selected photos exceeds 8MB, they cannot be uploaded.


Why can't I post a photo/image?

The size of a photo or the total size of photos selected may exceed 8MB. If a single photo exceeds 8MB, please use another software program to reduce the size and repost the photo.


What file formats can I upload?

Currently, only GPX files are supported.

Route Creation and Point Palette

Why can't I post a comment on PointPalette?

Comments can be posted only while logged in to the website.

Route Creation and Point Palette

Why can't I post photos on PointPalette?

Photos can be posted only while logged in to the website. Again, the size of a photo must be smaller than 8MB. If you cannot upload a photo even if you are logged in, check the size of the photo.

RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is the generic term for several web feed formats for summarising and delivering update information such as news headlines and blog entries on websites.


How do I cancel my membership of the KW Server?

Please send us your cancellation request by using "Contact" located at the bottom of the website.


How can I block access by a certain user?

Currently, there is no function for blocking such access.


What is the scope of disclosure?

TripAlbums and TripPlans are disclosed to the general public if they are publicly posted. Profile information is only disclosed to logged in users.


I can't get an interaction with DNN. What should I do?

Check that your device is properly connected to the network.